Guilford Eye Project Water Pumps £500 has been donated together with the Rotary Club of Tettenhall  to a water pump project in Limpopo, South Africa. Emergency Aid When Emergency situations occur, the Club is ready to  assist wherever possible.  The Club has has purchased a Disaster Box to be  used as needed End Polio Now Each year the Club raises funds to help Rotary International To continue the work of ridding the world from Polio.  This is a huge project and great progress is being made.  India is  The latest country to be free of Polio for  a year. International Service The Club continues to support the Shining Life project with a donation of £500 Towards a village development project. Tools for Self Reliance

The Club is starting a new collection of Tools that are unwanted but clean and servicable.  Contact us if you have any tools, spades, forks, hoes or smaller tools that we can send to Africa.

Sri Lanka project

 Aid for Nepal

£4315, which includes a donation from Waterhouses Swimming Club, has been sent to the Baluju Rotary Club in Nepal for the provision of two buildings each with two classrooms at the Tripura Higher Secondary School.  We have had links with this school for some time and it was very  badly damaged in the recent earthquake.  We are very pleased to help in the restoration of the school and the continuation of education for the students.