To become a friend and make more good friends at the same time please contact  us by e-mail at Friends of the Club get involved in the  fund raising efforts.  Our friends not  only help us at our events but also raise  valuable funds that enhances the  Charitable work of the Club.

Recent events featuring our Rotary Friends:

In April 2016 they took part in the Blackpool half marathon.  To sponsor them please e-mail us.

In June 2016 they took part in

 “Partly Muddy” at Trentham |Gardens

In June 2016 they entered the

JCB Mud Run.

In September 2015 they entered the Bog Commander Circuit run at Buxton

Sharon Mycock leads the friends in the events listed. Their efforts make a huge difference to the work that the Rotary Club of Leek can do.  They are a vital part of our team and we are most grateful for their enthusiasm and desire to help.

Please support them by giving a donation by phone: Telephone LRDD22 and the amount to 70070 .